Zenon Dance School – Winter Session

Zenon Dance School is excited to welcome you back for another season of dance this winter! Registration is open for the Winter Session, running January 8-March 17. Classes are held in person unless otherwise noted. Visit our website to learn more!

9:30am: Intermediate Contemporary with Sarah McCullough
5:30pm: Contemporary Floorwork with Amanda Sachs
6:00pm: Modern Fundamentals with Mary Willmeng
7:00pm: Beginner/Intermediate Jazz with Jennifer Glaws

5:30pm: Contemporary Ballet with Kendall Kramer
6:00pm: All Levels Hip-Hop with Arturo Miles
7:00pm: Beginning Jazz with Allison Rubin Forester

9:30am: Advanced Composition/Improvisation with HIJACK (Online-only: January 17 and 31, February 14 and 28, and March 13.)
5:30pm: Beginning 2 Ballet with Lisa Erickson (Online)
5:30pm: Horton-based Modern with Anna Pinault

9:30am: Advanced Contemporary/Modern with Erin Thompson (Hybrid)
5:30pm: Afro Modern with Roxane Wallace
7:00pm: Intermediate Contemporary with Dustin Haug

12:00pm: Intermediate 2 Ballet with Penny Freeh

9:00am: All Levels Yoga with Ariel Linnerson (Online)
9:15am: Creative Movement (Age 3-4) with Eliana Durnbaugh
10:00am: Ballet Fundamentals with Danielle Robinson-Prater
10:00am: Beginning Modern with Roxane Wallace
11:30am: Musical Theater Jazz with Xan Mattek
12:30pm: All Levels Tap with Hannah Gonzalez
12:30pm: Beginning 2 Ballet with Benjamin Johnson

10:15am: Creative Movement (Age 3-4) with Hannah Gonzalez
10:15am: Creative Movement (Age 5-6) with Sofia Arisian
11:00am: Youth Hip Hop (Age 7-10) with Sofia Arisian
11:00am: Youth Ballet (Age 11-14) with Hannah Gonzalez
12:00pm: Youth Ballet (Age 7-10) with Sofia Arisian
12:00pm: Youth Modern (Age 11-14) with TBA

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Zenon Dance School
528 Hennepin Ave
Ste 430
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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Zenon Dance School