Zenon Dance School – Spring Session

Let’s make the most of the remaining three weeks of the Spring Session by dancing with our beloved instructors or exploring new classes. Zenon Dance School’s Spring Session runs through June 2! Classes are held in person unless otherwise noted. Visit our website to learn more!

9:30am: Intermediate Contemporary with Sarah McCullough
5:30pm: Contemporary Floorwork with Anna Pinault
6:00pm: Modern Fundamentals with Mary Willmeng

5:30pm: Choreography Lab with Kendall Kramer
6:00pm: All Levels Hip Hop with Arturo Miles
7:00pm: Beginning 1 Jazz with Ali Rubin Forester

9:30am: Advanced Composition/Improvisation with HIJACK – alternating online and in-person
5:30pm: Beginning 2 Ballet with Lisa Erickson – online
5:30pm: Horton-based Modern with Anna Pinault

9:30am: Advanced Contemporary/Modern with Erin Thompson
5:30pm: Afro Modern with Roxane Wallace
7:00pm: Intermediate Modern with Dustin Haug

12:00pm: Intermediate 2 Ballet with Penny Freeh and Jennifer Mack – live accompaniment with Susan Hsu

9:00am: All levels Yoga w. Ariel Linnerson – online
10:00am: Ballet Fundamentals with Danielle Robinson-Prater
10:00am: Beginning Modern with Roxane Wallace
11:30am: Musical Theater Jazz wtih Xan Mattek
12:30pm: Beginning/Intermediate Tap with Hannah Gonzalez
12:30pm: Beginning 2 Ballet with Benjamin Johnson

10:15am: Creative Movement for ages 3-4 with Eliana Durnbaugh
10:15am: Creative Movement for ages 5-6 with Sofia Arisian
11:00am: Youth Modern for ages 11-14 with Eliana Durnbaugh
11:00am: Youth Hip Hop for ages 7-10 with Sofia Arisian
12:00pm: Youth Ballet for ages 7-10 with Sofia Arisian


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Zenon Dance School
528 Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55403

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