The Arena – Drop-In Moving Practice with Taja Will

Moving Practice is a weekly class series for professional dancers. Classes prioritize rigor, diversity of contemporary aesthetics, variety of class content, and commitment.

Taja Will teaches Moving Practice in August. Next up, Alexandra Bodnarchuk in September.
Tuesdays, 10:00-11:30am

Professional-level dancers of all styles are welcome.
Pre-registration and payment beforehand are encouraged.
Suggested price of $17 per class. Pay-as-able option on all classes – we would rather you join us than not be able to attend due to financial limitations.

Improvisational Structures as Fertile Ground
Improvisation is a technical skill, it requires specificity, listening, discernment, and strong internal connections.
Chaos is a useful tool.
Limitation serves specificity.
Restraint makes choice legible.
Freedom is a vibrant dream.
Improvisation is a personal poetic.

My approach to improvisation blends somatics, score-building, ensemble cohesion, and soloist impulses. There are more proposals than we will ever have time for, and we’ll land together on weekly investigations. For me, improvisation serves various lineages and forms of dance and offers a place of co-existence. I believe a community class can be populated by folks new to movement, those familiar, and all those in between.

This class will start with a somatic or conditioning warm-up and continue into complex structures and proposals. Participants are invited to self-regulate and instigate research at the edge of their practice. As a facilitator, I aim to offer meaningful reflections of class moments as affirmation and points for skill growth for all participants.

Class Specifics
The instructor will speak English. If you need language justice assistance please let us know.
The instructor may use dance field jargon specific to contemporary dance and lineages of modern dance, postmodern dance, performance art eras, and European/Western avant-garde.
Participants are welcome to question, disagree, and suggest pivots for class facilitation even if it means complete interruption.
The floor is Marley and can be very sticky during hot, humid weather. Socks and clothing that cover the skin can be helpful.
The instructor suggests bringing a full water bottle, a notebook, and something to write with.
The building offers an elevator, stairs, and several restroom options – the accessible restroom is on the second floor, one floor away from the studio.
Please communicate any additional access needs to

Location Info

The Arena
711 W. Lake Street
Studio 308
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Contact Info

Mathew Janczewski