Soundbody Workshop with Meryl Murman – 2024 McKnight International Choreographer

Saturday, June 1

Meryl Zaytoun Murman guides participants through interactive improvisations and durational somatic prompts to explore the therapeutic and expressive connection between movement and raw vocal sound.

In this laboratory the voice becomes a vehicle for movement, expanding and transforming sensations and emotions from the subconscious into direct embodied experiences that are felt and expressed by the performer through spontaneous and authentic gestures. Emphasis is placed on awakening the spine to find fluid pathways for vocal vibrations to resonate and on actively redirecting the sound energy outward through physical sensing and shifting the gaze.

This laboratory is focused on researching these tools for performance and is suited for people in the performing arts or those wishing to engage with movement and voice through creative processes. Participants will experience tools for landing in presence, a healing-informed approach to integrating movement and voice, and alternative pathways to accessing the deeply expressive, erotic, creative source within.

Free to attend. Registration is required in advance.

Location Info

Rosy Simas Danse in Northrup King Building
Studio 240
1500 Jackson St. NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413


Contact Info

Colin Edwards