Morgan Thorson Leads Professional Classes with Moving Practice

Moving Practice is a weekly class series for professional dancers. As a collective, we aim to offer classes that prioritize rigor, diversity of contemporary aesthetics, variety of class content, and commitment. Professional level dancers of all styles are welcome.

Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30AM at Saint Paul Ballet.
Morgan Thorson teaches in April.

About Morgan’s classes:
Moving is dancing and dancing is working. We will work with prompts sourced from image, sound, drawing, touch-points, and text, to enhance states of feeling and moving. As we practice with these prompts, we grow somatic grounding, concentration and curiosity for how we make decisions, embody action and cultivate images. With this research we consider the witness as active participant, and frame and space as dynamic materials. I aspire to facilitate a space for personal and collective journey as well as the reorientation of self-perception to the magic we make when we work. Bring your notebooks.

Pre-registration required –
Flexible pricing and free parking!

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