MAJOR MAINTENANCE is an opportunity for 6 self-defined, LGBTQIA+ and/or BIPOC, Minnesota-based, dance makers to have access to 200 hours of generative incubation space, for one year (up to two years).

What is our relationship to newness? As a society, we participate in a manufactured, late-capitalist and technology driven (innovate-no-matter-what) culture that prioritizes innovation and the new. As a dance field, what is the cost on our bodies? We are already implicated in multiple systems that consistently guide us to invest most of our energies and resources into the next new thing or work. Is there a way to make all aspects of dance-making supportable and wholesome to ourselves and cultivate a balance? MAJOR MAINTENANCE is the invitation. It is time and space to build up resources, methods and practices that can live in relationship with the existing paradigms of innovation or newness.

This invitation is open to dance makers who are not new to their craft.

How to apply: Artists who are interested will sign up for one 15-minute Zoom meeting with Valerie and Morgan. This will be followed by one 30-minute meeting at MOVO SPACE, for those shortlisted. There is no written application, though shortlisted artists may be asked to prepare or send previously created work samples, resumes or other writing. To indicate your interest and schedule a meeting, please email: by June 1. Please include MAJOR MAINTENANCE in the subject line.


Location Info

2637 27th Ave S
Suite 206
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55406


Contact Info

Valerie Oliveiro and Morgan Thorson
Deadline: June 1, 2021