Friday Morning Jazz Through Zenon – Erinn This Week

Erinn Liebhard is back at it teaching Friday Morning Jazz class through Zenon Dance School (March 26-May 28, 2021) this Friday, April 16!

Her approach emphasizes groove, interaction and improvisation, is inspired by both social and concert dance movement (particularly that with African diasporic roots), and is driven by jazz music. This week, we’ll be exploring moving to the music of the Hard Bop era in jazz, in all it’s glorious, danceable connection to blues, R&B and Latin influences.

Join us for this Zoom-based class that skews intermediate-advanced and welcomes all comers, including drop-ins and first-time attendees! Register at least 10 minutes in advance of class at If you need help navigating how to join or to see if there are discounts available, connect with

Come groove with us!