Free Waving Workshop with Bzy - May 18

Saturday, May 18

I am organizing my first Waving 101 Class for All Levels in Saint Paul! This is a 2-hour workshop aimed toward you gaining more knowledge, abilities, and inspiration. This workshop will give you a broader sense of self-expression by better understanding this style’s foundations. This is especially for people who want to explore and learn the basics for the first time, are experienced in other styles and genres, or value deepening their skills within waving.

In this workshop, we will focus on waving foundations to help us understand the layers of isolation within the body. We’ll awaken muscles, tendons, and joints that may be used for the first time as we explore the true feeling of separation from each of them. We will then thread them back together under tension to achieve true sequential movement, creating the wave-like effect.

We’ll be exploring all of this within our hands, arms, and full body. Lastly, we will be covering the history of the movement style itself. Learning about its origins, creators, where it is now, and everywhere in between.

The workshop is open to all levels but will be focused on beginners – if you have ever wondered if this is something for you, it would be a perfect workshop to try!

We will move in either socks or shoes; bring water and an open mind.

This is a free class. RSVP here.
Donations are accepted.

Let’s move!

Location Info

The Garden
Studio 205
293 Como Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55103


Contact Info

Colin Edwards