Embody Palestine - June 2

Sunday, June 2

EMBODY PALESTINE is a workshop by Leila Awadallah (Body Watani Dance) held in collaboration with Meryl Zaytoun Murman, 2024 McKnight International Choreographer. This workshop will guide participants through embodied explorations as a process of communal reflection on the range of emotions stirred by the genocide in Gaza.

To what extent can we use our bodies to connect with experiences we did not have, but learn about through media? How can the body respond and tend to the traumatic imagery in the news? Meryl will facilitate participants through movement and vocal explorations using gesture, mimicry and embodiment as a practice of awareness and communication based on a desire to process the human suffering we are witnessing with physical understanding.

In collaboration, Meryl and Leila will share reflections on the interconnectedness of many crises in the region and ways they work within movement spaces to interweave complex solidarities across bodies. How do we resist together? What actions can we take towards a more healing oriented future?

Dance experience is not necessary, and participants will engage at their own range of intensity.

Advanced registration required. Recommended donation of $5-15 at event. 75% of the income will be donated.

Location Info

Center for Performing Arts
Studio 105w
3754 Pleasant Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55409


Contact Info

Colin Edwards