DanceMN Homepage Image Open Call

Greetings Dance Community:

Happy Summer! We of the DanceMN Steering Committee offer heartfelt thanks for all you do, in addition to the financial contributions many of you make throughout the year to keep DanceMN a free, uncurated resource.

We now have a FUN ask of you… We are seeking new images for our homepage slideshow! Please consider submitting one to two images per group or individual. Photos should be large/high-resolution images, around 2000 pixels. Horizontal/banner-oriented images are preferred and work great for our desktop version; vertical images may be used for a mobile version.

Send your image to Please include the name of the individual/group represented and photographer credit. Additional credits such as dancer(s) pictured may also be included. Visit our homepage for examples – there are exciting new (and previous) images posted! If you have already submitted an image, it will stay in our library until you request it to be omitted, or you exceed two images per artist.

Is there an artist you’d like to see on our homepage? Spread the word and invite your friends, students, colleagues, and mentors to participate!

As DanceMN expands our outreach efforts, we hope to partner with local venues and organizations – please indicate if you do not want your submitted image to be used in DanceMN promotional materials. Photos will be accepted on a rolling basis and updated periodically.

We look forward to seeing you at soon!


The DanceMN Steering Committee
Maggie Bergeron, Ashley Chin-Mark, Rahila Coats, Kealoha Ferreira, Joanne Gordon, Sarah LaRose-Holland, Jim Lieberthal, Alys Ayumi Ogura, and Eve Schulte

DanceMN Co-Editors
Annie Carlson and Non Edwards

Image Submission Checklist:

  • Is it a large, high-quality image?
  • Is it formatted as a jpg, jpeg, png, or webp?
  • Is it under the 2MB file size limit?
  • Did you include credits? Artist/group represented; Photographer; Others
  • Did you include consent/limitations for this image to be included in DanceMN promotions?