Dance/Movement Therapy 1: The Power of Movement - October 9 to October 24

Dance/Movement Therapy is a psychotherapeutic approach that uses embodied creativity, body awareness, movement, and dance for change, growth, and healing. This class will introduce the field of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT), and focus on techniques for using all forms of non-verbal expression and awareness to promote clinical goals. Non-verbal multicultural and diversity perspective will be emphasized throughout the course. This course is approved by the American Dance Therapy Association, for Alternate Route R-DMT credit.

Saturdays and Sundays, October 9-10 and 23-24, 2021
9:00am-4:30pm CST each day

Location: Minneapolis, MN USA. This course might be offered on Zoom.

Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb MA, MFA, BC-DMT, LMFT, CMA, SEP; WoS

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Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb