Blended Yoga: Cultivating Strength, Balance, and Stability - June 3 to July 22

Blended Yoga: Cultivating Strength, Balance, and Stability is an 8-week series guided by Sarah Baumert that blends the mindful movement of gentle yoga with the awareness of the Feldenkrais method.

June 3-July 22
Mondays, 6:00-7:15pm CST
Live classes will be taught on Zoom.
All lessons are recorded. Registering for the series gives you access to the recorded lessons indefinitely.

In this blended class, attention is focused on treating your body as a connected system, moving beyond isolated exercises. The first part of the class will focus on functional mobility and strength as we practice balance and stability exercises. The last half of class will bring us into a softer place, with mindful movements for releasing tension, and pain management.

Each class is an original, innovative creation of Sarah’s teaching. She blends a more traditional gentle yoga practice with the novel Feldenkrais® awareness practices. But that’s not all, she incorporates joint-specific training, functional range exercises, self-massage, breathing exercises, and a compassionate non-competitive mindset. It’s a true experience of movement therapy!

For all of you who have been joining Monday nights, this whole body reset is like a maintenance plan! We will zoom our focus in for eight weeks on improving our balance, stability, and connection with the earth’s surfaces. For newcomers, come with no expectations. Allow your body to be your guide. All levels are welcome. This will be a nonjudgemental, un-intimidating space to create friends with your body (yourself!). You will train your sensitivity in such a way that you find yourself feeling more alive, vibrant, and spacious.

Come explore mindful movement that is targeted to improve stability, balance, and strength. Experience this novel way to improve your joint health and functional mobility in a holistic way led by a passionate movement educator.

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