Ballet Royale – Free Boys’ Program

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Unique in Minnesota, this innovative program is designed specifically for boys, developed by former professional dancer Rick Vogt. Ballet Royale understands the importance of providing targeted opportunities for boys in addition to the myriad of mixed classes available to both genders. To this end, Ballet Royale offers FREE boys’ classes for Pre-Ballet Creative Dance, general Boys’ Dance cross training, and Ballet for Boys.

Ballet Royale’s boys’ classes are for students seven and older, with or without prior dance experience. These classes focus on strength, stamina, conditioning, coordination, focus, and agility in a fun, creative atmosphere. Whether the goal is to pursue dance itself or to cross-train for other sports such as hockey, soccer, football, etc., Ballet Royale’s Boys’ Dance training benefits boys of all ages and abilities.

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Ballet Royale Minnesota
16368 Kenrick Ave.
Lakeville, MN, MN 55044

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Rick Vogt