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Dear Minnesota Dance Community,

DanceMN grieves the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Philando Castille, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, and the growing list of Black and Brown people at the hands of police. We stand in solidarity for the fight for justice with our BIPOC communities and are committed to working to end systemic racism.

As a repository for the dance community, resources will be included in DanceMN newsletters moving forward. We encourage our readers to submit as well. We hope that this will help disseminate important information, allowing us all to support, lean on, and push each other to take action.

Black Lives Matter.

DanceMN’s Steering Committee,
Rahila Coats, Penelope Freeh, Joanne Gordon, Jim Lieberthal, Kaya Lovestrand, Alys Ayumi Ogura, Abdo Sayegh, and Anat Shinar

DanceMN Steering Committee-


A collective movement meditation practice that calls in Light while acknowledging the ancestral trauma and grief (as well as healing) that has brought us all to this moment. We center the politics of Joy, realizing that all are affected by white global domination and are receiving this call to co-inspire Change. We encourage you, no matter how you identify, to, in the words of Octavia Butler, “become a shaper of God. God is Change.” This ritual and collective movement practice is organized and facilitated by Demetrius McClendon (also known as ImagineJoy/he/she/they) and Alanna Morris-Van Tassel (she/her), Dancers, Educators and Organizers in the Twin Cities, and is sponsored by The PlaygroundNYC.

Saturday, August 8

Registration details to follow!

Boom Island Park, Minneapolis
Alanna Morris-Van Tassel-, (917) 583-3567

We at Rhythmically Speaking are moved by and wish to share with you vibrant ways jazz and American social dance ideas connect us to the moment, ourselves and others, music, and movement during a time in which the human need for connection has been so illuminated. While we usually create human connection through live workshops and performances, our difficult but necessary decision to postpone our twelfth annual August show, The Cohort 2020, until May 20-22, 2021 has challenged us to connect in a new way: with a virtual event we've aptly titled The Cohort: From Home!

Details on how to register, donate, and access the streams for the show and the happy hour that follows, as well as about our coinciding anti-racism and intersectional justice efforts, can be found at our website: We hope to 'see you' on August 14!


"The ability of a human to listen fully embodied has always been essential to my dancing and choreographic work. I am hoping to share with the dance community a deeper understanding of how we can LISTEN, especially in this timely place we find ourselves in, from COVID-19 to the Black Lives Matter movement, and upcoming elections."—Mathew Janczewski

This conversation will explore how to listen and hear from within our whole self to better understand those with us and across from us, as well as our surroundings. The conversation will be facilitated by multifaceted artists Berit Ahlgren, Kenna-Camara Cottman, and Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb.

Held quarterly, Floorwork is a discussion series that brings forward timely topics pertinent to the Twin Cities dance community. The goal of these conversations is to highlight experiences, share resources, and foster growth.

Monday, August 17
Location TBD
Both in-person and virtual options will be available.

Please RSVP by August 15 at


The McKnight Fellowship for Dancers and for Choreographers Intent to Apply form is now open. The deadline is Wednesday, September 9.



We will be offering two webinars for all interested applicants.

Friday, August 28: 12:00-1:00pm
Monday, August 31: 6:00-7:00pm

These sessions, led by Program Director Mary Ellen Childs, will be accessed via Zoom. RSVP to, and you will be sent a link to enter the webinar by internet browser on a computer, iPad, or smart phone.

This information session will be geared towards first-time applicants and focus on frequently asked questions regarding the application materials—the artistic statement, resume, and work sample. Participants will be able to ask questions via a chat feature, or are encouraged to submit a question by email when you RSVP.

Mary Ellen Childs-


Young Dance has two on demand class packages available for purchase!

Joys of Dancing Together - On Demand
Created for dancers one to three years old, with a caretaker.
Receive five 30-minute lessons exploring dancing together. Children and their caregivers discover the joys of dance through movement games, stories, and songs. Children will have an opportunity to develop large and fine motor skills that emphasize exploration, manipulation, imitation, and repetition.

Dance a Story: Creative Movement and Storytelling Adventure! - On Demand
Created for dancers three to six years old.
Receive seven 30-minute Creative Movement classes focusing on storytelling. The online activities will include supplemental materials and special surprises to help the little dancer on their creative adventure!

To register and for more information on all our summer programs, visit our website:

Photos by Blake Nellis; top right photo by Stan Waldhauser.

CO•MOTION Center for Movement | 655 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55104
Jennifer Glaws-, (612) 423-3064

Creative Movement, taught through Zoom!
Exploration, improvisation, and expression through movement. Children develop large and fine motor skills, as well as coordination, rhythm, teamwork, and listening skills. Songs and games are used to help the students understand their moving body, and to facilitate the learning of fundamental movement patterns. In Creative Movement Two, students are exposed to class structure and complex routines, and acquire a deeper understanding of the dance concepts of space, time, body, effort, movement, and form.

Creative Movement One, ages three to five:
Mondays, July 20-August 17
10:15-10:45am, with Justin Jones

Creative Movement Two, ages five to seven:
Mondays, July 20-August 17
5:15-5:45 pm, with Maggie Zepp

Photos by Blake Nellis.

To register and for more information on all our summer programs, visit our website:

Jennifer Glaws-, (612) 423-3064

Ages four through seven.
Learn about planets, stars, and all that’s in between through dancing and movement!

August 3-7, 2020

Teaching Artist: Michelle Ludwig
Space is limited!

276 E Lafayette Frontage Rd, St. Paul, MN
Maria Vitelli-, (651) 313-5967

Evidence, A Dance Company and TU Dance join forces in an inspiring one-week virtual summer intensive. Intersect is an open level inter-generational summer intensive for participants with a wide range to no dance experience that will provide the opportunity to experience both companies’ approaches to dance and dance training.

Participants will begin each day with classes from TU Dance Center teaching artists, including TU Dance Artistic Director Toni Pierce-Sands, that are grounded in TU Dance’s three pillars of Horton-based modern, West African and ballet. The workshop section of this intensive will be led by Evidence, A Dance Company Artistic Director Ronald K. Brown and Associate Artistic Director Arcell Cabuag. Participants will learn Evidence repertory as well as Afro-Cuban and traditional and contemporary African dance techniques that are incorporated in the choreographic style.

August 3-8, 2020
Registration deadline: Sunday, August 2, 2020

Cost: $500

Laurel Keen-, (612) 440-9028

Ballet Royale, Minnesota's premiere ballet academy, is offering a focused ballet and variations workshop, specializing in preparing dancers for performing or competing in national ballet competitions.

Following daily classical ballet technique class, dancers learn classic ballet variations and receive advanced personal coaching. This workshop benefits all dancers, whether preparing for a competition, an upcoming performance, or simply wanting to polish and improve their artistry, technique, and quality.

This workshop has both in-person and online-only options.

Recommended for intermediate through advanced and professional dancers, ages ten and up. By audition or invitation only. Please contact the studio for more information.

Ballet Royale Minnesota | 16368 Kenrick Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044
Rick Vogt-, (952) 898-3163

Gut, Bones, Ground:
(Re)Connecting to plant magic and the lower body
Virtual classes with Laura Levinson

Mondays, August 10, 17, 24
Please RSVP:

Sex, magic, dirt, herbs, pelvis, land. This class synthesizes herbalism*, somatics, and improvisational movement to ask: What is the connection between healing our relationship to the lower body—particularly the gut and pelvis—and healing our relationships to one another and to wounded land? This class grows out of my ongoing choreographic research connecting plant magic/earth, queerness/sex, and the healing of toxic whiteness.

While we gather virtually, we recognize that we are still three-dimensional beings connected to our own locations and body-stories. This class seeks to build our connection to both our immediate physical surroundings, and to one another across distance and through the ether.

*Herbalism is a useful tool that helps cultivate and protect a way of thinking that honors right relationship, reciprocity, and resourcefulness—using what is available, not taking more than we need, and supporting the inherent wisdom of the body. AND—my training is in Western Eclectic Herbalism, which is also situated in the context of this country: violence, genocide, appropriation and erasure are part of its story, too. I invite us in this class to remember both the beauty and the shadow side of this healing tool together.

Supported by The Cowles Center's Generating Room: Open Proposal Initiative Program.


This one-week program is designed for intermediate/advanced pre-professional students, ages seventeen to 24, who are interested in pursuing careers as professional dancers. This intensive is designed for students with four or more years of dance training and experience with choreographic processes. Students will participate in daily workshop classes with guest artist Gregory Dolbashian. Technique classes will be taught by TU Dance Center teaching artists and guest artists.

August 10-15

Cost: $500

Learn more about Gregory Dolbashian:

Laurel Keen-, (612) 440-9028

Join us in-person for this outdoor Creative Dance Camp!

Our August workshop is inspired by Toy Story and will take place under a tent outside Ballet Royale. Family members are invited to a short showcase at the end of the workshop.

Social distancing rules will be followed through limited enrollment and ground markings. Dancers do not need to wear masks for this outside workshop, however, the workshop instructor will wear a mask.

Our July workshop sold out, so register quickly to save your place!

August 15
10:00am–11:00am, with outside showcase for family members at 11:00am.
Ages four through nine.

Please see our website for more information or to register online:

Ballet Royale Minnesota | 16368 Kenrick Ave, Lakeville, MN 55044
Rick Vogt-, (952) 898-3163

Katha Dance Theatre (KDT) is a professional dance company and school offering unparalleled education in Kathak, the classical North Indian dance form. Kathak is founded on four pillars of movement: complex rhythmic footwork, pirouettes, facial expressions, and gestural storytelling.

KDT will offer a two-week intensive this August for experienced Kathak students who are interested in learning a complete dance sequence that can be performed at various festivals and community events. They've invited internationally renowned Kathak master Vidushi Saswati Sen to co-lead the intensive along with KDT instructors.

The intensive will take place over Zoom, Saturdays through Tuesdays, August 15-25.

Students new to KDT must fill out a registration form in addition to paying tuition. Children ages six and above with at least two years of Kathak experience are welcome to participate, as are youth and adults with at least one year of experience.

Email any questions to

Rita Mustaphi-

Ages seven through ten

A ballet workshop geared towards young dancers interested in studying ballet and dance more in depth during the summer. A 90-minute ballet class followed by a class of a different dance genre such as modern, character, and musical theatre. Dancers will focus on positions, proper alignment, and musicality. Dancers from this class may matriculate into the Pre-Professional Program in Fall 2020. This Laboratory is ideal for BCL Level 1 students.

August Session:
August 18, 20, 25 and 27
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Virtual option available!

Teaching Artist: Anna Roehr
Space is limited!

276 E Lafayette Frontage Rd, Saint Paul
Maria Vitelli-, (651) 313-5967

In compliance with CDC guidelines regarding coronavirus prevention, we are keeping our Doushin Butoh Experience Workshop on Zoom.

Butoh is a contemporary Japanese performance art form that began in the late 1950's. Originally started as an anti-establishment, anti-traditional dance theater, butoh explores the relationship between our mind and body, and it questions society's perceptions of the body and ideas of "beauty." Though it is considered an underground art form, butoh is practiced all over the world.

This workshop is for people who want to experience Doushin Butoh. The essence of Doushin Butoh is “Resonance,” beyond idea or concept. It can only be felt and experienced.

Come and experience the power of Resonance!

Thursday, September 3: 6:30pm-8:00pm
Dates are subject to change.

Sign up for our mailing list at:

Tuition: $20

Gadu Schmitz-, (612) 703-7501


My name is Tori and I’m a white dance student/artist/activist in Minneapolis. I am looking to connect with four to five dance/movement artists committed to police abolition for a dance project that envisions the transition to a police-free world, focusing especially on how the social and relational nature of dance can be used to communicate alternatives to policing. I am also hoping to connect with artists of other forms who are interested in collaborating.

Rehearsals will start ASAP and a sharing of the work will be in mid-fall, dates and format TBD. Protocol for our rehearsals and performances will be on the cautious end of COVID safety standards. I expect to rehearse three to six hours per week, but this will depend on everyone’s schedules. I am only able to pay each artist a $200 stipend, but I can also reimburse transportation to/from rehearsals and shows.

I am so excited to get to work on this! If you are interested and want more information, please email

Tori Breen-, (603) 991-7604

Young Dance Company Audition: Wednesday, August 12, 6:00-7:00 p.m.

The Young Dance company is a group of passionate dancers ages seven through eighteen committed to exploring themselves and their world through dance. Young Dance company members take dance classes, learn dances from professional choreographers, create dances themselves, and perform throughout the year. Company members meet twice a week throughout the year, September-May. Although Young Dance is based in modern dance, the dancers participate in workshops in a variety of dance styles and art forms throughout the year.

Previous dance experience is preferred, but not necessary. Auditions are informal, just like taking a dance class. Come prepared to move and see if Young Dance is right for you!

Location TBD: The event will either be hosted online through Zoom or outside near the Young Dance space in the Fairview Business Center, 655 Fairview Ave N, St. Paul, MN 55104.

To register, email or call 612-423-3064.

Jennifer Glaws-

Inbox@ArtBox Goes Out of the Box

Indoor and outdoor stages! Dance for the camera! Site-specific work!

Performances October 1-4, 2020.

Audition by video: submissions due August 16.

Our third annual presentation of Twin Cities choreographers, Inbox@ArtBox, is breaking out of the box this year as a Covid-safe-and-savvy, super fun, round-robin festival of work!

We are looking for eight dances and two films, three to four minutes in length.

Go to for lots of details.
Please contact Sarah Hauss with questions and to make a submission proposal.

Image: Leila Awadallah, Inbox@Artbox 2018.

Sarah Hauss-, (612) 669-3417


In an attempt to be responsive to our world and to share what we have

A financially supported space residency for a Twin Cities Metro Area-based,
Black/Indigenous/Person of Color Artist (self-defined)
working in dance improvisation for performance (self-defined).

What we can give to you:
1) $1000.
2) use of HAIR+NAILS Gallery space for rehearsal/research (approximately once a week for four months).
3) potential for some kind of showing/sharing (online or in real life, flexible to changing conditions and desires).

To be considered:
1. Answer the question: Why Improvisation?
2. Tell us something about your background and/or approach, any way you want.

Email your answers or any questions to Arwen and Kristin at

Deadline: August 19
We will decide and notify everyone by August 31.
This is not for full-time students.

HAIR+NAILS | 2222 1/2 E 35th St, Minneapolis, MN 55407
Kristin Van Loon-, (612) 229-0585

The McKnight Fellowship Intent to Apply for the 2021 Dancer and Choreographer Fellowships is due by Wednesday, September 9, 2020. The final application will be due in spring 2021. The Intent to Apply form is now open.



The McKnight Fellowships for Dancers and Choreographers awards $25,000 fellowships to Minnesota dancers and choreographers. For more information visit our website:

The Intent to Apply is a relatively simple and easy process. If you plan to apply for a McKnight Fellowship this year, it is important that you submit an Intent to Apply by September 9.

See the separate entry about two upcoming informational webinars on August 28 and 31.

Mary Ellen Childs-


Dance/USA invites new members to join for only $25, regardless of membership type.

As the dance field navigates the ongoing closures due to COVID-19, Dance/USA is committed to ensuring new members can join in order to engage with their peer community for problem solving, idea generation, and information sharing.

New members may join for $25 by emailing until December 31, 2020. The $25 will be applied as a credit for when dues become payable in early 2021.

Dance/USA will also launch a Membership Working Group to assess the entire membership fee structure to ensure the fees align with Dance/USA’s values of equity and connectivity.

Abdo Sayegh-Rodriguez-, (612) 367-6681

Resources to Support the Minneapolis Protests:

Resource to End Police Violence in America:

Black-Led Arts Organizations to Support Now:

DanceMN Steering Committee-

Please visit for a calendar view of classes being offered virtually in the Twin Cities.

Classes are added and the calendar is edited as more information is shared. Please use the "submit class" tab to list your offerings for our community!

Berit Ahlgren-, (651) 233-0217

The Twin Cities Hospitality and Events Workers’ Relief Fund supports workers who have lost income due to business closures and event cancellations related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The Twin Cities Hospitality relief effort is intended to be open to all workers in the events and hospitality industries, and will be prioritized based on level of hardship. We are offering these relief efforts to workers who are facing financial distress due to COVID-19 related work reductions.

Visit: to apply.

Resource submitted by Dana Kassel.

Non Edwards-


Erin’s advanced level contemporary/modern Zoom class through Zenon Dance School includes floor work, standing warm-ups, and phrase work, all designed to enhance the healthy use of joints and muscle groups as dancers release their weight fully into the support of the ground. Experiential awareness, body mapping, improvisation, and creative work are included as dancers channel their own expressive artistry within the movement. The delightful Dean Magraw will accompany on guitar.

Thursday mornings, 9:30-11:00am

Registration is open through Zenon's MindBody portal and closes ten minutes before class.
See you (virtually) soon!

Promocodes: EDU2020 for students; PRORATE for professionals.

For more information:

Erika Martin-

Sarah Baumert is teaching Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement classes online. For a full schedule of these classes see the link below.

In these Awareness Through Movement® classes we will explore how to let go of old limiting patterns, finding new freedom and awareness in the movements of the body. The Feldenkrais® Method is based on principles of physics, biomechanics and an empirical understanding of learning and human development. By expanding the self-image through movement sequences that bring attention to the parts of the self that are out of awareness, the method enables you to include more of yourself in your functioning movements. EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Sarah Baumert-, (612) 327-0411

MotionArt’s mission is to share the art of dance and the joy of movement with people of all ages and abilities. We strive to enrich lives by fostering creativity, body awareness, and self-expression in a fun, non-competitive, welcoming environment.


MotionArt is offering opportunities to dance during these uncertain times through our virtual classes on Zoom. Adult classes will continue, and we added a new beginning class for adults of any age who want to explore modern dance for the first time. It’s never too late to start!

Paying the regular rate helps keep our organization afloat; however, no one will be turned away for inability to pay. There is also an option to pay what you can.

Please go to to sign up for classes.

Intermediate Modern Dance
Wednesday, 10:30am-12:00pm

Ageless Dance
Thursday, 4:30-5:45pm

Mixed Level Modern Dance
Saturday, 4:00-5:30pm

Pam Gleason-, (612) 990-6019

MotionArt focuses on nurturing children’s individual creativity while facilitating their understanding of the dance elements of space, time, and energy. Children ages three through five explore these elements through playful, structured activities allowing them to expand their movement vocabulary, develop body awareness, and gain self-confidence. Ages five through seven explore the dance elements while being introduced to new movement skills and the creation of their own dances. Ages seven through twelve expand their creative and kinesthetic awareness while learning basic movement skills of modern dance. No previous experience necessary.

MotionArt is offering ways for children to dance during these uncertain times through our virtual classes on Zoom.

Please go to to sign up for classes. There are various options for payment/donations, and no one will be turned away for inability to pay.

Ages three through five:
Friday, 12:00-12:30pm

Ages five through seven:
Saturday, 10:00-10:45am

Ages seven through nine:
Saturday, 11:00-11:45am

Ages ten through twelve:
Friday, 3:00-4:00pm

Pam Gleason-, (612) 990-6019

The GYROKINESIS® Method is a rhythmic, flowing system of exercise performed seated, standing, or on all fours. Participants connect to their breath while developing functional strength and creating more space in the body. Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions.

"I always think clearer and move more freely after a Gyrokinesis class with Non Edwards. I feel lighter, stronger, and centered."—Natalie

60-minute GYROKINESIS® Method classes:

Mondays, 10:30am:

Fridays, 10:30am:

Sundays, 10:30am:

Saturdays, 10:30am:
with Awakening the Senses - a gentle warm up of self-massage.

Class fee $5-20 to

Private sessions available.

GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC Sales Corp and is used with their permission.


Zenon Dance School will continue virtual movement class this summer with ZenONLINE!
Offered through September 6, 2020.

5:30pm: Cardio Dance Jam with Ariel Linnerson

9:30am: gaga/people with Berit Ahlgren
5:30pm: Hip Hop with Arturo Miles
7:00pm: Beginning Jazz with Allison Rubin-Forester

9:30am: Improvisation/Composition with HIJACK
5:30pm: Beginning Ballet with Anne Lentz
7:00pm: Beginning/Intermediate Jazz with Jennifer Glaws

9:30am: Advanced Contemporary/Modern with Erin Thompson
5:30pm: Afro Modern with Roxane Wallace
7:00pm: Intermediate Modern with Dustin Haug

10:00am: All Levels Jazz with Erinn and Karla
12:00pm: Intermediate Ballet with Penny Freeh

9:00am: All Levels Yoga with Ariel Linnerson
10:30am: All Levels Tap with Dorian Brooke
12:00pm: Beginning Ballet with Benjamin Johnson

Registration through MindBody closes ten minutes before class begins!

Erika Martin-

Take a virtual dance class at The School at TU Dance Center. The virtual open classes are currently offered for a fee. Class participants will be able to chose from a sliding scale, with a minimum fee of $8.

To register, visit:

Tuesdays, 10:00-11:00am, Central Time
Intermediate/Advanced Ballet with Penny Freeh or Abdo Sayegh-Rodriguez

Wednesdays, 10:00-11:00am, Central Time
GYROKINESIS®-based class with Maurya Kerr

Thursdays, 5:00pm, Central Time
Krump with Herb Johnson III

Cost: $8, $12, $15

For a calendar view of the open class schedule, including new offerings and Teaching Artist information, please visit or

Laurel Keen-, (612) 440-9028

Join us for a music-based, history-infused hour of wrestling with and finding joy in jazz dance!

Erinn's approach to jazz emphasizes groove, interaction, and improvisation, is inspired by both social and concert dance movement (particularly that with African and Latin diasporic roots), and is driven by jazz music.

As this form is rooted in African and Latin diasporic movement ideas, and because we believe dancing helps us feel our most human, we lean into it to promote active anti-racism within our work. Head to our Facebook group to access the resources we are sharing to help us do this work:

Come groove with us!

Class held via Zoom. Register at least ten minutes in advance at or through the MindBody app.

Erinn Liebhard-


POST / FUTURE PERFORMANCE FESTIVAL: The 21st Century Dancer: The Multidisciplinary Kinesthetic Body—History, lineage and futures.

"The collective consciousness on the shared knowledge of Dance investigations, outcomes and contemporary applications continue to expand as technology continues to build tools to bridge pre-existing gaps in knowing. From ancient body suspension rituals to E.A.T to "9 Evenings: Theater and Engineering", to Stelarc’s 20th century extensions of the human body, to now, the 21st century multidisciplinary Dance Instrument— the amalgamated organic and digital kinesthetic body that utilizes deconstruction as its primary process for investigations, movement vocabulary as its language, and choreography as its creative outlet, forces us to pose the questions, Where do we come from? Who are we? Where are we going?"- Manjunan Gnanaratnam

Manjunan Gnanaratnam in conversation with Kathleen Kelley-

Manjunan Gnanaratnam VIA-

Message from Alonzo King and LINES Ballet:

Dance Magazine Op-Ed: Where is Your Outrage? Where is Your Support? by Theresa Ruth Howard:

Podcast: Seeing White:

DanceMN Steering Committee-

Join ARENA DANCES every Thursday for this weekly podcast, hosted by Artistic Director Mathew Janczewski and company dancer Joe Crook. This week’s episode features Linda Andrews.

Linda’s training has taken her to schools such as the Martha Graham School, Alvin Ailey Dance Center, and the Juilliard School. She holds a degree in dance and drama from Hollins College in Virginia. Since 1972, she has taught dance and creative movement, and has developed Zenon Dance School into a recognized training center for vocational and professional dancers. Since starting Zenon Dance Company in 1983, Linda has earned accolades for developing the company’s unique modern and jazz aesthetic by commissioning repertory works from internationally renowned choreographers.

Studio Stories will air each Thursday at noon with new guests joining the hosts to reminisce and share their memories and history with our dance scene.

Visit—or your favorite podcast hub—to listen!



The Cowles Center is thrilled to announce the artists for 6 FEET / 6 SOLOS!

Congratulations to:
Amanda Sachs
Ayumi H. Shafer
Melissa Clark
Roxane Wallace
Tyreis Adriel Hunte
Vie Boheme

We can't wait to see their new solos this September! Learn more about the program and these incredible artists at

6 FEET / 6 SOLOS is an open proposal program through The Cowles Center for Dance & the Performing Arts created in response to COVID-19 and how this year has created an environment for isolation and necessitated connection in ways we’ve never experienced before. Open to artists of all styles, ages, backgrounds, and abilities, this initiative invites artists to create a solo that will be performed to a live audience as well as live-streamed in The Cowles Center’s Target Education Studio.


A Collection of Cowles Center Stories

The Cowles Center is looking to hear your experience within our walls while attending a show on The Goodale Stage, taking a class in the Hennepin Center for the Arts, or anywhere in between. Many artists have grown up in this building, from taking their first class, to starting their own company, to performing on the Goodale stage.

As The Cowles Center looks forward to embarking on its tenth season, we are diving into the history of the building and the moments, programs, and people that have made it the energizing center for dance that it is home to today.

The Cowles Center will randomly select one winner who filled out this survey to receive a $50 Amazon gift card.

Submit your tale while the survey is open! Find it at: